How to send custom notifications to Android/iOS devices

It’s finally here! One of the most requested features (#2 as I write this) on UserVoice, push notifications for users, is finally available. It doesn’t support Windows 10 unfortunately, but it’s a start.

UserVoice submissions

In the Intune Portal, select Devices > Send custom notifications:

Send custom notifications button

And you’ll be able to type out a message! (For my Windows friends, pressing Winkey+. (period) opens the emoji selector).

Notification message

Click next and select a group. After you review the notification will be created and sent.

Notification assignment
Custom notification
iOS Lockscreen notification
Android notification
Android notification in Company Portal

As always, there’s a few caveats. The biggest are that there is no reporting built in to custom notifications. Once they’re sent, Intune doesn’t show whether the device received it. Or what previous notifications were sent. So to know if it worked you have to manually check a device, unfrotunately. You can learn more from the official Microsoft Docs page for custom notifications.

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