How to leave an organization when using a personal Teams account

Normally, personal Microsoft accounts don’t have access to the site. This would make sense because the MyApps site is generally used to access Azure Active Directory applications that were published to your organization – but personal accounts don’t have an organization.

MyApps Access Denied

But what if your personal account was added as a Guest to an organization’s Teams group? Well good news – now you do have access to MyApps. And more importantly – you can use that access to leave an organization. Here’s how:

1. Log in to old the portal by opening the site, selecting your profile and selecting Leave new experience in the overflow menu:

Alternatively, if you want to skip to Step 3 you can go directly here:

MyApps profile view

2. Select your profile again, and select the Settings icon next to Organizations

Classic MyApps portal profile

3. Locate the organization you’d like to leave, and click either Leave organization or Sign in to leave organization:

Profile Organization settings

4. Click Leave

Leave confirmation prompt

And you’re all done!

Leave confirmation

Now if you try to load non-personal Teams, you’ll be prompted with:

Microsoft Teams not set up warning

Happy leaving! ?

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