Deploy Endpoint Analytics in 30 seconds

Go to > Reports > Endpoint Analytics. In the Endpoint analytics tab, select which devices to collect data from (default is all cloud-managed devices), and click Start.

Endpoint Analytics

Congrats – you’re done!

Deployed Endpoint Analytics

You can also check Devices > Configuration profiles to see the new Intune data collection policy profile, which will also show if devices successfully ingested the setting.

After 24hrs and some reboots (how else would you measure startup performance?), you’ll start to see your score and some recommendations:

Endpoint analytics score

There’s some additional steps for tenant attached or Configuration Manager managed devices, but it’s almost just as easy. Happy reporting! ?

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  1. October 19, 2021

    […] simple idea for using filters is for Endpoint Analytics configuration targetting. When you enable Endpoint Analytics, it will default to collecting data from all cloud-managed devices (the All Devices group). We can […]

  2. December 15, 2021

    […] licensed and enrolled into Endpoint Analytics, Endpoint Analytics (and it’s components) are incredibly easy to take advantage of. For Proactive Remediations all you really need to do is write the script you want to run on your […]

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